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A Dedicated Blockchain That Is Optimized Specifically For DeFi And NFTs


The leading technology in many fields, its attraction back to the real world, people are gradually seeing it. As a lover of the crypto marketplace for a short time, I’m always on the lookout for the brand spanking new projects to find out about it. With such a requirement, I feel many of us am I going to be like me. But investing within the blockchain isn’t simple and transparent. There are many problems encountered within the process of finding projects and making investments, seeing such problems, I discovered a project under the construction to narrow the reach of the typical user with Blockchain projects.
Crypto assets are still in an idle state. DeFi products can generate a substantial profit on these idle assets. No wonder the professional DeFi traders generate hundreds of percent annual profits, taking advantage of the most compelling opportunities in DeFi.


ZenChain is simply a dedicated blockchain that is optimized specifically for DeFi and NFT applications. The ZenChain Protocol approaches decentralized finance(DEFI) as a specific and critical segment of the blockchain community, it also contains all applications supported for NFTs like minting, auctions, and trading. Lastly with ZenChain, you can use your NFTs as collateral in Defi to make a loan or staking in a pool to earn extra token.

The core reason why cryptocurrency was invented in the first place was to give people full control over their finances, but while this seems like a simple and obvious statement, the current systems are far off from providing financial services that are truly under the control of the people who make use of them. This is where ZenChain comes in as it gives people seamless access to decentralized finance (DeFi) with special non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Features of ZenChain

Scalable and high-throughput Blockchain: ZenChain is a Proof-of-Stake (POS) blockchain, and it is built using the Cosmos SDK which runs on top of the Tendermint Core consensus engine.

Cross-Chain:ZenChain supports cross-chain service with bridge solution between Ethereum, Binance smartchain, Tron and other blockchains.

Built for Defi & NFTs: With built-in core DApp for Defi & NFTs, ZenChain is ready for Defi & NFTs ecosystem from the beginning.

Supports smart contracts: ZenChain will support smart contracts, enabled by CosmWasm, EVM technology.


Token name : ZEN
Token type : BEP20
Total supply : 100,000,000
The use cases intended for ZEN include but are not limited to: protocol governance, exchange fee value capture, derivative collateralization, liquidity mining, and staking. Further details regarding each of these use cases can be found below:
1. Protocol Governance: The ZEN token can be used to govern various components of ZenChain including the futures protocol, exchange parameters, and protocol upgrades via a DAO structure.
2. Exchange Fee Value Capture: After the relayer reward distribution, the exchange fee will undergo an on-chain buy-back-and-burn event to accrue value for ZEN.
3. Mint, Auction, Rent NFTs: To mint NFTs, or bid in the marketplace, users will use ZEN to bid and pay a fee.
4. Collateral Backing for Derivatives: ZEN will be utilized as an alternative to stable coin as margin and collateral for markets. In some futures markets, ZEN can also be used for collateral backing or insurance pool staking where stakers can earn interest on their locked tokens.
5. Exchange Participation Incentives: The foundation plans to incorporate a liquidity mining scheme and distribute a fixed number of ZEN tokens daily weighted by the liquidity each network participant provides.
6. Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Security: To ensure the security of ZenChain, ZenChain will incentivize nodes to stake ZEN and participate in the ZenChain network consensus with block rewards.



Overall ZenChain is a platform for those of you cryptocurrency veterans who are new to the DeFi sector who still don’t understand how to operate and how to use the DeFi platform to maximize your profits in the volatile cryptocurrency market. It is a platform that allows you to easily navigate and provide you with customized content and suggestions according to your experience, so that it is easier for you to find, research and invest in DeFi products. I think this project is being built at an appropriate time, as the market demands more and more new projects. The appearance of ZenChain will help solve the Blockchain market problem facing. Moreover, the thought of the project is extremely clear and ZenChain has identified the target customers, which makes me believe that ZenChain will completely conquer this problem. Hope through the post you will have the more information about Poolz, thank you for following this article !!!.

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