Zenchain Protocol

A Dedicated Blockchain That Is Optimized Specifically For DeFi And NFTs



The core reason why cryptocurrency was invented in the first place was to give people full control over their finances, but while this seems like a simple and obvious statement, the current systems are far off from providing financial services that are truly under the control of the people who make use of them. This is where ZenChain comes in as it gives people seamless access to decentralized finance (DeFi) with special non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Features of ZenChain

Cross-Chain:ZenChain supports cross-chain service with bridge solution between Ethereum, Binance smartchain, Tron and other blockchains.

Built for Defi & NFTs: With built-in core DApp for Defi & NFTs, ZenChain is ready for Defi & NFTs ecosystem from the beginning.

Supports smart contracts: ZenChain will support smart contracts, enabled by CosmWasm, EVM technology.




Media social

WEBSITE : http://www.zenchain.co/
LITEPAPER : https://docs.zenchain.co/
TELEGRAM GROUP : https://t.me/zenchaingroup
TELEGRAM CHANNEL : https://t.me/Zenchainofficial
TWITTER ; https://twitter.com/zenchainco
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Zenchainofficial
GITHUB : https://github.com/zenchainprotocol
MEDIUM : https://medium.com/zenchain-protocol




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