UniDApp is a fully Decentralized Finance trading platform !!!

About UniDDap

How it works?


  • Swap: Or known as swapping, this feature allows an exchange of Ethereum and various ERC-20 tokens.
  • Pool: This feature of Uniswap helps users to make money through becoming Liquidity Providers. This is done by sending tokens to a smart contract and in return you will receive tokens in that pool.
  • The ability to set an unlimited number of pending orders to decrease or increase price, which is absolutely essential when a trader follows his strategy, be it using tools like Eliot waves or waiting for price fluctuations in news. Commands are activated automatically whether you are sleeping, driving or just relaxing — info report on reaching a specific price of a given token, this will help an experienced trader quickly navigate the market and, if necessary, change strategy
  • The ability to track the essential coins in real time, as well as, if necessary, view the chart of price changes since the coin listed on Uniswap
  • An intuitive and simple interface so even inexperienced users can find out and study the function in minutes
  • Performance due to optimization of all processes

Infomation Token

  • 35% 10.5 M. UDP: Uniswap liquidity pool
  • 30% 9 M. UDP: OTC Pre sale
  • 20% Exchanges, marketing, development
  • 15% Team


  • July: Development of prototype, frontend, idea formation and market research.
  • August September: UDP private sale and token distribution.
  • September: Technical and business documentation. Whitepaper presentation.
  • October: Launching and testing the beta version.
  • November: Launching the full version of the project and fully introducing the product to the market.




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fantastic baby

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