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As you can see, the cryptocurrency market at the moment is very active with the Defi trend. Of course, Defi is basically the target of many Blockchain projects, I find that most of the projects developed towards Defi have attracted a lot of interest from people who know about cryptocurrencies. And I am probably also a very interested person, in today’s article I will bring you about a new Defi project, with this project you can see a lot of notable points. relative to the current cryptocurrency market.

This project is called UniDApp, to talk about this project we need to pay attention to uniswap. Currently due to the development of DeFi, Uniswapis the best choice because of its compactness and convenience. Users can become Liquidity Providers for a pool on Uniswap by sending an equivalent value of the token in exchange for other tokens in the pool.

But maybe if you have used Uniswap then you will see this there, stuck transactions, huge gas fees, and manual trading. I think this is really a problem that needs to be solved and taken seriously to discuss, because above all what we need is still the user experience that needs convenience and efficiency.

So what are we going to get out of this post, obviously I here want to give you a solution. And the solution here is through UniDApp, by using the Uniswap protocol of Ethereum, UniDApp will help eliminate some of these problems. The UniDApp platform will provide users with the opportunity to access tools such as order consolidation, liquidity chart, purchase planning, analysis, and automatic scheduled notifications.

And to understand better, I would like to present a detailed description of UniDDap.

About UniDDap

As the above mentioned Uniswap, according to the information I have about this project. UniDApp is a fully decentralized trading platform with a suite of balances that simplifies the user experience to the maximum, and relies on Uniswap with an advanced set of tools available only for centralized exchanges. used on Defi ecosystem.

The platform will provide users with the opportunity to access tools such as order aggregation, liquidity charts, purchase planning, analytics, and automatic scheduled notifications.

Security and reliability of asset transfers and transfers are given priority. For this task, UniDApp will provide a simple interface that will connect to the Uniswap API. UniDApp users are fully protected as they keep their private keys and only they have full control over their assets and transactions.

How it works?

The point to note when using UniDApp’s platform here is that we will use UDP tokens, I will talk about tokens in detail in the next article.

For the use of the platform to perform transactions a user must own UDP tokens. And for each transaction on the platform, the commission will be 0.25% of the transaction amount, and will be charged automatically using UDP tokens. And 90% of the calculated amount will be used as a reward for UDP token holders, the remaining 10% will go to UniDApp fund. The token owner’s ability to receive a passive income will stimulate the liquidity of the token and its price growth.


The main feature when talking about Uniswap is swap and pool:

  • Swap: Or known as swapping, this feature allows an exchange of Ethereum and various ERC-20 tokens.
  • Pool: This feature of Uniswap helps users to make money through becoming Liquidity Providers. This is done by sending tokens to a smart contract and in return you will receive tokens in that pool.

But with UniDApp, I see the differences there are as follows:

  • The ability to set an unlimited number of pending orders to decrease or increase price, which is absolutely essential when a trader follows his strategy, be it using tools like Eliot waves or waiting for price fluctuations in news. Commands are activated automatically whether you are sleeping, driving or just relaxing — info report on reaching a specific price of a given token, this will help an experienced trader quickly navigate the market and, if necessary, change strategy
  • The ability to track the essential coins in real time, as well as, if necessary, view the chart of price changes since the coin listed on Uniswap
  • An intuitive and simple interface so even inexperienced users can find out and study the function in minutes
  • Performance due to optimization of all processes

Infomation Token


Symbol: UDP

Total supply : 30,000,000 UDP

Patform: Ethereum

  • 35% 10.5 M. UDP: Uniswap liquidity pool
  • 30% 9 M. UDP: OTC Pre sale
  • 20% Exchanges, marketing, development
  • 15% Team

The first round of $ 200,000 (500ETH) private sales was completed. Price 0.00016 ETH.


  • July: Development of prototype, frontend, idea formation and market research.
  • August September: UDP private sale and token distribution.
  • September: Technical and business documentation. Whitepaper presentation.
  • October: Launching and testing the beta version.
  • November: Launching the full version of the project and fully introducing the product to the market.


I think the Defi trend is positive for the cryptocurrency market, with UniDApp they will have more options to enter this Defi market. Building this project I find it simpler when they know how to take advantage of what Uniswap has done and they also see the problems that appear on Uniswap. I strongly hope that when I get the finished product, UniDApp will attract many users.

Hopefully, through this article, you will get more useful information related to UniDApp and make your own choices if you are interested in investing in this project. Thank you for following the article !!!

For more information about the UniDApp project please visit the main information channels from the project:

Telegram: https://t.me/unidapp


Bitcointalk user: fantasticbaby2605 ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2634533 )

Etherum address: 0xcbe1d478a4051067e6a4ec3646dccf3f3faa5da6



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