The world is entering an era of modern technology where everything in life is gradually being converted to the internet. Technology development projects are always appreciated at the present time, and their development speed is also incredible. I am a person who has many years of experience working and interacting with the internet, so knowing and interacting with blockchain-related projects is one of my jobs. I think with Blockchain, we are gradually getting we are entering an age where everything is transparent and easy. With my interest in cryptocurrency projects, today in this article I will share my views on a blockchain project that I think people will be interested in. You are not a product. That’s right, technology has fueled the data explosion, and vast fortunes have made money off your data. Respect for everyone’s privacy is gone, and it’s time to do the math. Ask questions, get back your data, don’t sell yourself off. I find the problem is that the data is being used in an impersonal way, as we are still using personal data illegally. Maybe in the future, there will be specific solutions to this problem, but for now, you all agree with me that blockchain really brings miracles to life. The era of fiat currency is rapidly wrapping up, and now the next thing is cryptocurrencies. All that has to be done now is to set up a gallant payment structure that will make cryptocurrencies very resourceful, and that is no problem at all because the arrival of the EGO Paysenger platform on the blockchain has made the perfect solution for payment available to all users of the blockchain. This solution for payment is very cheap and can be used whether or not you have experience with the blockchain. All there is to it is the new EGO Paysenger that will be installed on your devices.

Paysenger is a universal solution for paid communication. The service helps you to communicate directly with experts, celebrities and owners of unique knowledge. Paysenger allows opinion leaders to monetize their attention in a new way, while investors are offered to invest in a token named EGO. Paysenger creates a new way of communication in a world with the fastest growing relations and unchanged attention span. Now you can attract attention to your message or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with a fiat or EGO token. It is getting much easier with Paysenger to contact a media person or get expert advice. Received media content can be converted into NFT. It can be saved or sold on the internal marketplace for EGO. EGO Paysenger have a focus on its features:

  1. Blockchain-based project: To bring widespread tokenization into the market, EGO Coin is developing a forum to quickly generate and grow real, business, start-up, and finance tokens.
  2. Backed by Communities: Like the world-famous Facebook at the start of its journey, EGO Coin links Paysenger platform and organizations from over 5millions communities across the globe.
  3. Fundamental Value and Dividend: To help EGO Coin by its fundamental meaning, the EGO token is based on the most powerful blockchain utilities, such as openness, value preservation, transfers, and daily dividends.
  4. Tool for Everyone: Changing the environment with private, DeFi, and NFT coins for all, Paysenger platform lets you create and handle Ego tokens as effortlessly as today’s social networking profile.
  5. Transparency and Legitimacy: To ensure its long — term growth and credibility, the EGO Coin Team is entirely open, whilst the project runs in compliance with the laws of the European Union.
  6. Scalable platform and Exchange: To enable token building for any user, company, and project, Paysenger develops its ecosystem centered on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as well as its token trading, creator terminal, and mobile platform.

Paysenger platform tokens are priced at the central reference currency, the EGO Token, which can be exchanged and privately financed at the Paysenger Platform. One of the examples shown below, based tokens can function, and will become the most popular education portal in the world.

Max supply: 1 000 000 000 EGO

Inner self cost at IDO : $0,075

Token stock at TGE : 2,00%

Market cap at TGE : $1 500 000

This initiative has come to inspire, teach, and inform EGO Coin about the need to implement blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and tokenization in the education system so that they will not be left out in this new age.

It can be seen that the birth of blockchain marked the change and transformation of the world. This is considered one of the technologies of the future society, especially when the Internet and technology are developing more and more. Blockchain is regarded as one of the most massive, digitized, and widely disseminated data sets. Paysenger’s goal is not to attract as many investors as possible. Their main assets are users: big, medium-sized, and small influencers, as well as anyone potentially interested in monetizing their communications. In fact, it is a narrow-niche social network whose users don’t just communicate, but actually benefit from this. Convenient financial interactions with EGO tokens help them.

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fantastic baby

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