Tapmydata- The problem with data on Blockchain.

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You are not a product. That’s right, technology has fueled the data explosion and vast fortunes have made money off your data. Respect for everyone’s privacy is gone, and it’s time to do the math. Ask questions, get back your data, don’t sell yourself off.

I find the problem is that the data is being used in an impersonal way, as we are still and have been using the personal data illegally. Maybe in the future there will be specific solutions to this problem, but now you all agree with me this is blockchain really brings miracles to life.

And that’s why ‘push the limits of data acquisition and end-to-end encryption for apps? ’. Tapmydata used to build data collection products, which was data piled up into a database and then tracked user activity, etc.

Tapmydata- The problem with data on Blockchain.

About TAP

In a world where everyone is talking about decentralized finance while seeding their data for big corporations to monetize it — TAP brings the way to break this cycle of data abuse. Share what you want, where you want, and put a value to it — TAP will do the rest.

Powered by end-to-end-encryption and blockchain technology Tap helps empower the individual to take control of their data, and builds a personal data store for them to manage this. At the same time, the Tap platform helps organisations communicate and respond directly to their customers; de-risking and managing the data that they hold.

In the future Tapmydata believe Tapmydata will see a fair data economy where everyone is empowered from their personal data. A future where people have greater control of their data and are rewarded by this new empowerment. A future in which organisations are able to nurture more trusting and meaningful relationships with their customers.


The Tap app gives individuals one place to secure and manage their personal data. Individuals are able to search for an organisation of their choice and send a data request to see what data that organisation holds about them, who they share that data with and what they do with that data. You will see this data request officially called a subject access request, or SAR.


The Tap app provides a new found empowerment for individuals. To allow them to start a conversation with an organisation from a secure, single place and allow them to take control of their data. An inbuilt cryptocurrency token, or TAP token, rewards individuals for taking those steps.


The Tap platform, currently in beta, allows organisations to manage SARs at volume, and communicate safely and securely to their customers regarding their personal data. This provides a big opportunity for organisations to improve their customer service, service delivery and manage their customers data efficiently and transparently.

Tap platform for organisations

Tap allows organisations to de-risk their data, improve transparency and iron out tiresome data processes. Taking a positive approach to data practice organisations can build the very foundations that will allow for stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers.

To invite customers in, build transparency, inclusion and dialogue. A place that empowers your customers, and provides them with a foundation for trusting you.

Token TAP


TAP is Tapmydata’s native protocol token and is issued by TAP Protocol Ltd.

Token Name: Tapmydata

Token Ticker: TAP

Token Type: ERC20

Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

TAP Distribution

For more information about our token distribution event visit https://tapmydata.com/tap-token

TAP Distribution

TAP Release Schedule

TAP Release Schedule

TAP Protocol

The TAP Protocol consists of many different technology elements that are detailed in this section. Some of this technology is pre-existing code we have developed and some of it future looking which can be explored more in our roadmap. The following shows an overview of the TAP Protocol, the actors and the data and value exchange within.

TAP Protocol


Tapmydata are really proud of what we’ve done to minimise our personal data footprint. The purpose of product is to help people take back control of their data and it felt simply wrong for us to then be sitting on all that data.

It hasn’t been easy adding this level of encryption in to a product. And it would be difficult to retro-fit in to something pre-existing. It has impacted almost every aspect of our build and I’d say has conservatively added a 50% overhead to both time and budget.

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