Merlin Lab Builds High-Yield Farming Platform for Automatic Compound Interest Operations




How do vaults work? Vaults are automated investment instruments that utilize optimal strategies to maximize yield. Merlin uses vaults to automatically reinvest and compound deposited assets. Vaults comprise of either a single token or a pair of tokens that are invested into liquidity pools.
How often do the Merlin vaults compound? Each Merlin vault compounds at the most optimal time according to empirical data. This usually ranges between a compound every 2–4 hours.
Why can’t I compound myself? Compounding yourself is an inefficient process in which it is difficult to manage the optimal compounding frequency resulting in lower yields. We also save you time and gas fees.

  • John deposited his BTCB-BNB LP into the Merlin vaults
  • Merlin’s smart contract takes care of all the mechanics behind the scenes: Staking John’s assets into PancakeSwap, collecting CAKE rewards and optimally switching reward assets into the right ratio to auto-compound more BTCB-BNB LP
  • In this case, John will benefit from the magic of compound interest: reinvesting his accumulated interest with his principal and thus receiving an even higher amount of interest reward (aka. “interest on interest”).


How to win? To win the lottery jackpot (50% of the entire lottery pool), users need to match all 4 numbers on their ticket in the exact same order as the 4 winning numbers. There are many chances to win! As long as you match 2 or more numbers in the correct order, you are guaranteed to win a prize.
How are ticket numbers drawn? The lottery aims to be completely random. Even though the ticket numbers given out are determined by a front-end logic, there is an extremely low chance that anyone is able to determine the 4 winning numbers ahead of time. The 1st lottery number will be determined based on the %10 remainders of a hash encoded by the blockhash and the number of participating users at the entry deadline. The 2nd lottery number will be determined based on the %10 remainders of a hash encoded by the blockhash and the total pooled Merlin balance at the entry deadline. The 3rd lottery number will be determined based on the %10 remainders of a hash encoded by the blockhash and the timestamp of the last lottery participant at the entry deadline. The 4th lottery number will be determined based on the %10 remainders of a hash encoded by the blockhash and the block difficulty at the entry deadline.


$MERL does not have a maximum supply due to the need for a wide distribution of tokens to accommodate for utility within the range of DeFi product suites planned within the upcoming development roadmap. $MERL tokens are minted in proportion to BNB earned on the platform. Multiple deflationary mechanisms are in place to reduce supply and to maintain constant upwards price pressure:
1. Buyback & Burn: 50% of the Burn contribution is used to perform market buy-backs of $MERL tokens to stabilize price during market volatility
2. Lottery: 50% of the Burn contribution will be used to purchase $MERL and injected into the lottery pot. 20% of the pot is burnt
Further deflationary mechanics will be introduced for $MERL ecosystem to become deflationary


It can be seen that the advent of Blockchain marked the change and transformation of the world. This is considered as one of the technologies of the future society, especially when the Internet and technology 4.0 increasingly develop. Blockchain is considered one of the large data sets, digitized and widely distributed. However, the principle of Blockchain operation is to create a cohesive, non-isolated community. The ability to explore Blockchain technology in modern society, especially society 4.0 like today, has shown the power and prospects of Blockchain. Blockchain offers great savings as well as extremely high security. built on the basis of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) operates yield pharming efficiently as an automatic compound interest yield farming aggregator focusing on the maximum sustainable interest compensation.

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