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About Hup Life

Hup.Life provides a NFT case that protects your digital art case through copyright protection. And it is the world’s first platform that allows socially conscious artists to mint and sell Copyrighted NFTs (ceNFTs) through a framework that complies with international copyright and securities laws. Five percent from each sale, resale and licensing of a work is donated to a charity of the artist’s choice at the time of minting. And if a work is sold to a sub-buyer, another five percent of each resale and licensing will be rewarded back to the artist as compensation.


In their view, existing platforms that claim to enable artists to authenticate their artwork, attach copyright to its NFT, and sell both, are severely deficient when it comes to striving for adherence to both international copyright and securities law, which will make it hard for those who claim to have obtained copyright in a work from these platforms to enforce it within jurisdictions throughout the world.

This table uses publicly available information and HUP.LIFE makes no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy of the information provided. If you have any information that would help ensure this table is accurate, please reach out to us.



With Hup.Life’s ambitious goal of ensuring a fully self-sufficient ecosystem, Hup.Life has a strict zero-tolerance policy against our team soliciting or facilitating privacy or any other similar arrangement with any person or entity, regardless of the amount in question. I believe that this project will create a huge buzz next time, because of what they have promised, I believe this team will bring this project to success.

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