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Digital currencies, the blockchain, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are rapidly-developing technologies, and laws and regulations in jurisdictions across the world have not kept up with these technological advancements. The following information is based on the Team’s understanding of the current state of law in respect of these technologies. Please note that since these are rapidly-developing technologies, the laws, regulations, and interpretations in respect of them may change at any time. Therefore, any assumptions made by the Team in any of their statements are subject to interpretation and enforcement by jurisdictions around the world and each of their applicable adjudicative bodies which may change without notice. The information contained on this website may become invalid in whole or in part at any time. You should not rely on any information contained within this website as legal advice or as a professional legal opinion, and always conduct your own independent research prior to . Please read the Risk Disclosure and Legal Disclosure in the footer of this page.

About Hup Life

Hup.Life provides a NFT case that protects your digital art case through copyright protection. And it is the world’s first platform that allows socially conscious artists to mint and sell Copyrighted NFTs (ceNFTs) through a framework that complies with international copyright and securities laws. Five percent from each sale, resale and licensing of a work is donated to a charity of the artist’s choice at the time of minting. And if a work is sold to a sub-buyer, another five percent of each resale and licensing will be rewarded back to the artist as compensation.

All artists will be required to waive moral rights, to the extent permitted under the law of the jurisdiction applicable to them. Hup.Life also want to be up front and state that because US works must be fully registered with the US Copyright Office before copyright owners can legally enforce their rights against 3rd parties in their courts, their platform would have to be completely modified so that US Copyright Office registration is part of our process. But since the US Copyright Office charges a fee of $45, requires applicants to send in multiple copies of the work, takes on average 6 months to evaluate an application, and does not offer any sort of relevant APIs, they will not be launching with the ability for US artists to mint ceNFTs. The United States is a world-wide peculiarity in its “quasi-mandatory” registration system on domestic works and is one of a few, if not the only country in the world known to impose such a requirement on its own works in order for their copyright owners to not be prohibited from enforcing the copyright of the work — even though copyright subsists at the time of a work’s creation, according to the Berne Convention. The United States, in adopting a strict Berne-’lite’ approach, does not require copyright holders of non-US works to register it with the US Copyright Office in order to launch a court action against 3rd party, but registration does grant extra benefits to copyright owners of non-US works such as a presumption of validity, eligibility for statutory damages, as well as recovery of attorney’s fees. Because Hup.Life are not facilitating the registration of works with the US Copyright Office upon launch, we wanted to be up front that artists of United States nationality or residency will not be able to mint works on our platform for the foreseeable future.


In their view, existing platforms that claim to enable artists to authenticate their artwork, attach copyright to its NFT, and sell both, are severely deficient when it comes to striving for adherence to both international copyright and securities law, which will make it hard for those who claim to have obtained copyright in a work from these platforms to enforce it within jurisdictions throughout the world.

Protect Your Assets. Save The Capybaras. And Then The World. One Token At A Time:

$HUP is Launching its $HUP Token on PancakeSwap starting June 15th
$HUP is a Fair-Launch Project — Which Means No Early Access and no Pre-Mine
$HUP Automatically Rewards Holders
$HUP Automatically Burns a Portion of Tokens
$HUP Automatically Pledges a Contribution to Charity With Every Transaction
$HUP Has Anti-Whale Dumping Mechanisms That Support Growth and Stability
$HUP Holders Help Shape and Determine The Project’s Future through our One Wallet, One Vote Community Governance

In addition to our charity wallet, community members can also view the transaction wallets of each of the nine specific, team-managed wallets, namely:

Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (25%)
R&D/Tech (15%)
Marketing/Admin/Misc (15%)
NFT Authenticators (10%)
Airdrops & Bounties (10%)
Leadership & Advisors (10%)
Legal Expenses (5%)
Liquidity for Other DEXs & Listing Fees for Platforms (5%)
1:1 Capybara Art NFTs For Early Adopters (5%)

Probably The Best Tokenomics, you’ve Never Seen:

This table uses publicly available information and HUP.LIFE makes no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy of the information provided. If you have any information that would help ensure this table is accurate, please reach out to us.


Hire Marketing Team April 2021
Hire Compliance Officer April 2021
Begin strong marketing campaign May 2021
Reveal token address June 2021
$HUP Token Launch — PancakeSwap June 15 2021
Strategic Partnership Announcements Q3 2021
Smart Contract Audit Completion Q3 2021
Launch NFT Marketplace (HUP.MARKET) December 1st, 2021


With Hup.Life’s ambitious goal of ensuring a fully self-sufficient ecosystem, Hup.Life has a strict zero-tolerance policy against our team soliciting or facilitating privacy or any other similar arrangement with any person or entity, regardless of the amount in question. I believe that this project will create a huge buzz next time, because of what they have promised, I believe this team will bring this project to success.

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